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Certification and Accreditation

The proper foundation is the key in developing the skills to work in today’s very advanced vehicles. We stay active in our education to keep up with BMW and Mercedes innovations.

We play by the rules in every way of the term. ESR is licensed to operate as an auto repair facility with all the necessary credentials, and paying all the required fees.


The right information is like an x-ray of your car, along with the information you provide, and the information gathered from the test drive and initial diagnostics we are able to come up with a plan of attack.
The right information in today’s automotives comes by way of websites supplied by the manufacturers that provide complete access to diagrams, component locations, and part numbers. They also provide a record of quick fixes and repair history from dealers all around the world.

Security Alarm and Insurance

We pay a substantial amount of money to access these websites so that your BMW and Mercedes Benz vehicles will get the best and least intrusive repair procedures that will not shorten the life of surrounding components.

Our care for your vehicle goes beyond performing quality, honest work. We do our best to insure its safety. Our building is guarded by Protection 1 alarm systems.

We also carry the proper business insurance. Our insurance broker has been servicing our family for over 25 years.

Working Spaces

We believe that a good job starts right continues right and ends right. A big factor in the process is having clear, clean, and functional work space. ESR has gone the extra mile to provide and environment conducive for consistency and quality in the maintenance and repair of your BMW and Mercedes Benz Vehicles.

Our lifts have been professionally installed and they all have been fitted with emergency shot off switches. Our lifts exceed the capacity required by the vehicles we service.

Tools and Equipment

When it comes to replacing or servicing your tires we understand the importance of their performance in the overall driving experience, and that is why we have only the best equipment Hunter has to offer. Our tire machines have no metal contact your wheels so the ascetic condition is not compromised during mounting and dismounting. Our extensive training and experience ensures that the tires will always be the correct size and rating as well as the direction and orientation to the wheels is always the optimum recommended by the manufacturer. No short cuts are taken here.

In order to perform the heavier jobs we have only professional level equipment such as our OTC 20 ton press, our Branick spring compressor, and professional engine and transmission lifting equipment.
We also have Mercedes Benz specific suspension tools, to service front and rear end problems.

Diagnostic Equipment

We believe in having the right equipment to work on your BMW or Mercedes Benz.

For BMW’s, we use the ISTA BMW Factory Scanner to perform diagnostics on your BMW. It doesn’t get any more accurate than this.

We believe in having the right equipment to work on your Mercedes Benz, we have the factory diagnostic Xentry Factory Laptop capable of doing dealer level diagnostics, activation, as well as coding and programming. This machine is able to perform a complete health check on your Mercedes Benz, and it covers 1993 to 2011 Mercedes Benz vehicles.